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This is the place where Lottery Post members can engage in real-time discussion about any lottery topic, using a dynamic chat window that shows you other members' responses immediately as they are posted.

The chat service is designed as a supplement to the forums, and is turned on for a limited amount of time each week.  The latest chat schedule is:

  • Sunday evening, 8:00pm - 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)

All public chat conversations are captured and posted right here, so you can reference any part of the discussion in the future.  Private conversations are not captured or displayed at Lottery Post.

Only active Lottery Post members may participate in Chat.  You must be logged in to Lottery Post before launching the Chat window.

The Lottery Post Rules are strictly applied to Chat sessions.  Any member who uses Chat to advertise links to other web sites will be immediately banned.

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Date: Sunday, September 22, 2019

Start of transcript
Sep 23 2019 00:02:47Fiz$2977 enters the room
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Sep 23 2019 00:02:58Fiz$2977: hello
Sep 23 2019 00:24:49user34 enters the room
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Sep 23 2019 00:26:43user34 leaves the room
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Sep 23 2019 00:53:06golottoman enters the room
Members online:
Sep 23 2019 00:57:06ala123 enters the room
Members online:
Sep 23 2019 00:57:42ala123: Does anyone know how to do the V-Trac?
Sep 23 2019 00:58:05Fiz$2977: no, I would like a tutorial or something
Sep 23 2019 01:00:11ala123: On the V-track lotto system or the chat room?
Sep 23 2019 01:01:10Fiz$2977: V track, I saw someone using it, and they made it look super confusing, and I never saw any hits
Sep 23 2019 01:02:09ala123: Me either I get that basically you sub a number like a mirror system then look it up in the v track graph on the site
Sep 23 2019 01:03:13ala123: I never get the hit but then it makes sense how the number came out the next day when looking back at the v-track
Sep 23 2019 01:12:39Fiz$2977: i might play with it, see if i come up with anything
Sep 23 2019 01:13:25ala123: Thats what I do and I use dr. Miricles pair method along with it
Sep 23 2019 01:14:22Fiz$2977: do you have a consistent pair system? if so, where can I see it, mine is soso, especially if trips are in rotation
Sep 23 2019 01:16:02ala123: Dr miricles pair system is what I use it is really good so is the Old man zero and 2 the two didget return sysem can also help with pairs
Sep 23 2019 01:21:59Fiz$2977: ill look that up, im trying to break into the p4 to hit that p5
Sep 23 2019 01:24:22ala123: Good Luck
Sep 23 2019 01:26:32Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Sep 23 2019 01:26:42Barbie1: Hi
Sep 23 2019 01:26:49ala123: Hello
Sep 23 2019 01:27:42ala123: @Barbie 1 Do you know anything about v-track ?
Sep 23 2019 01:30:33Barbie1: No I don't if Oscar comes in he may be able to help yor
Sep 23 2019 01:31:22ala123: Oh Ok thanks anyway
Sep 23 2019 01:49:59Fiz$2977: until next time
Sep 23 2019 01:50:17ala123: Bye
Sep 23 2019 01:50:27Barbie1: Bye
Sep 23 2019 01:51:18phoneman76 enters the room
Members online:
Sep 23 2019 01:51:31phoneman76: hey hey
Sep 23 2019 01:51:35ala123: Hey
Sep 23 2019 01:51:39Barbie1: hey hey
Sep 23 2019 01:51:55phoneman76: $$$1948$$$
Sep 23 2019 01:51:58Barbie1: I need a sure thing for c4
Sep 23 2019 01:52:04Fiz$2977: ga?
Sep 23 2019 01:52:20phoneman76: she playing all around it and its due now
Sep 23 2019 01:52:22ala123: @Phoneman76 do you now how to do the v-track
Sep 23 2019 01:52:41phoneman76: yep but I use frequency
Sep 23 2019 01:52:48phoneman76: Ga
Sep 23 2019 01:53:01ala123: Oh Ok
Sep 23 2019 01:53:56phoneman76: triple due too
Sep 23 2019 01:54:04phoneman76 says:
Sep 23 2019 01:54:41ala123: ok thanks
Sep 23 2019 01:54:56phoneman76: C3 109 221 127 711 119 001
Sep 23 2019 01:55:15ala123: What does the c3 mean?
Sep 23 2019 01:55:56Barbie1: 4 has not lead so far this month
Sep 23 2019 01:56:14phoneman76: C4 1103 2121 0001 2200 2431 0819 6789
Sep 23 2019 01:56:18phoneman76: cash 3
Sep 23 2019 01:56:21phoneman76: cash 4
Sep 23 2019 01:57:19ala123: Thankyou
Sep 23 2019 01:59:09phoneman76: 3311 8899 1100 5500 2221 0002 3322
Sep 23 2019 01:59:14sunshinenj enters the room
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Sep 23 2019 01:59:28ala123: Hello
End of transcript
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